Oakley Endurance Challenge


New for 2019:

  • Two course lengths - 35 mile and 60 mile

  • $30 for shorter ride, $55 for longer option

  • On course abandonment pickup if needed

Not feeling up to a 2 day race? No worries! Sunday you can come and ride the fun ride and still have all the same on course support as the racers are getting.

The Fun Ride will leave right behind the racers on Sunday. Everyone participating will get the same support as the racers are getting on course. This means you will have a neutral support stop at about half way providing you with water, nutrition, and water bottles if needed.  The course will consist of two lengths, a 35 mile ride and a 60 mile ride and will provide enough of a challenge for those more experienced but still enjoyable enough for someone looking to just get started into gravel.

35 mile ride

Cost $30

This category is for those who want a challenge but also a good time.

  • Water stop at mile 12

  • Same abandonment support at the racers

60 mile ride

Cost $55

This category is for those looking for a challenge and to test their endurance as a cyclist.

  • Water stops at mile 12 and 42

  • Full sag support at mile 23.8 (gels and food)

  • Same abandonment support as racers

  • Same course as racers