Gravel Time Trial

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The gravel time trail will be for A Class riders only for the 2019 year. The course will be a fast 6 miles start and finishing in Olpe, KS (10 miles south of Emporia).


The course will be fast with small rolling hills. it is a large rectangle with 4 right hand turns.

Starting Order

The top 10 finishers from the previous year will be allowed to select their starting position. This means they are either go earlier to begin recovery sooner or go later to see what times they need to beat. Everyone else will be assigned at random order.

Common Questions

We will try to address and keep this area up to date with questions we hear from riders.

  • Riders will start 30 seconds apart and no drafting is allowed. If passed you must slow up to give a 20 ft buffer to that rider

  • There will be plenty of parking and an area to set up a trainer to warm up on

  • There will be a monitor that displays times and you can check rankings as riders finish

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